As part of our long running 365ers series, this week we have an interview with Jaydee, a long time member of the site who's unique surreal photos have amazed me since the day he started.

Tell us a bit about yourself...

  • I'm Jaydee,

  • I'm 5.5 ft., 110 lbs.

  • I'm not a drinker or smoker

  • I rarely smile except when I fart or someone trips >:)

  • I'm 50% Japanese, 10%Filipino, 10%Extra Terrestrial, 30% Gay! = 100% HUMAN

  • I spent ¼ of my life designing, and taking / editing, manipulating pictures

  • I spent the other quarter playing with my dogs (Quzi and Fo) and “MYSELF” haha lols

  • I love Tragic Endings!

  • I'm an Aquarian

  • I'm misunderstood but I don't give a rat's a**

  • I prefer boxers but I have tightly whites

  • I live life to the fullest, I think...

  • I listen to those who I care for

  • I love being alone sometimes

  • I sing...only to myself

  • I respect those who deserve respect

  • I hate plastics, and USERS

  • I'm naughty... but nice?

  • I sleep totally nude

  • I'm flexible/versatile

  • I like things simple & clean

  • I have asthma, and I hate it!

  • My penmanship looks like scattered crap

  • I'm open-minded

  • I try anything once

  • I'm passionate

  • I'm a graphic artist, Freelance production designer

  • I am frustrated Photographer,

  • A simple guy by day, and a sex therapist by night ...... nah! (just kiddin')

You have been a member for quite some time now - what made you decide to take on the 365 project? And what kept you going after you completed your first year?
A known friend from Facebook joined 365, was keen and consistent on his projects... My curiosity got me and so I asked him what it is and what it does. He pointed out that rather than
writing /posting a blog, I pick or create a picture (a day) that I think would best project a story. It interests me, and so I challenge myself. Thought I had nothing to lose, so I gave it try, and it was fun!
Initially, I thought I just have to finish my 1-year project. That was my goal - to me that is already an accomplishment. But saying goodbye was the hardest part, after putting my heart so much into it...I decided to continue or stay.
Posting is like expressing your day-to-day life in a very "dramatic way". That's my two cents.

Did you have much photography experience before you started?
I took Fine Arts Major in Advertising in college and photography was one of the courses integrated to it. Back then all I had was a classic digital camera; I knew the basic fundamentals of settings, exposures, lightings etc. Then the DSLR was introduced. Everything to it - the change to photographic technology, I must say, was overwhelming - however I pursued to learn. I got my first DSLR canon 450D in 2007 followed by macro lens few years after.

How did the project expand your knowledge, or teach you new things?
It expanded my knowledge and enthusiasm in PHOTOSHOP in a big way. The hunger to learn more and participate in the challenge was the turning point in my photography journey. I think being “IN” the project and having constant followers or contacts (i.e. photography friends) has helped one's venture as you get to share, at the same time, pick ideas and learn from the threads where everyone contributes for inspiration.
In regards to how will I expand my knowledge? I partly depend on online tutorials. They are reliable and readily available.

What kind of camera did you use when you started, what do you use now and would you recommend them?
I started with Olympus digital camera, then had my very first DSLR canon 450D. Eventually I upgraded my lens to Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM. I'm planning to get a wider lens but will stick to Canon. I'm a solid Canon user.
My iPhone 4s is also quite useful. With its amazing apps, it is possible to take beautiful photo close to quality of digital camera or DSLR.

And post production? - what would you recommend?
The magic of Photoshop combined with patience - the result, EVERYTHING!
Don't be afraid to play around. The colour, contrast, saturation etc. of an image are a very personal thing. It all depends on the effect you want to achieve.

Many of your images have an ethereal quality about them - is this the style of photography you enjoy producing the most?
I love photography and anything to do with photography. I'm fascinated by incredible and surreal images and creating mesmerizing effects for viewers that would make them believe that they are from a different world or fantasy.

What do you feel you got out of the project? - confidence, skills, enthusiasm etc.
I've learned a lot from this project. I get to perfect my skills in Photoshop; I gained more friends; but most of all, I learn to challenge myself even further and never stop expressing myself through images.
Through 365 Project, I gained myself publicity with the quality of images and took inspiration from my followers who appreciate my work all throughout.

And, according to your followers what were your most popular shots?
This shot was by far my most popular one; It Was nominated in the top 20's , had 712 viewers, 91 comments, and 52 favourites. I had fun doing it. I can describe it as unexpected, unplanned not well-thought, but proud to say it came out outstanding and unique to viewers.

You can also visit my page in facebook

Do you have any advice for budding 365ers?
My advice: Don't compare yourself to everyone else. Your style will define itself if you stay true to yourself and shoot what you love.
Also, practice makes better... I mean “GOOD” practice makes better!!! So learn your camera and do not rush. There is nothing worse than practicing the wrong things for hours at end!!! And most of all HAVE FUN!!

And finally... What next? What do you think you will be doing in 5 years time?
Hmmm I don't know... As long as there are brilliant subjects to take. There are vast ideas out there - they never run out - and I will always be there with my (RECCA) camera, ready to capture the moments. Motivation is what got me started into this and if that shaped into a habit, then I'll keep going.

October 25th, 2012
October 25th, 2012
October 25th, 2012
October 26th, 2012
A great interview, and I wouldn't expect anything else from Jaydee. Way to go Jaydee.
October 26th, 2012
Fascinating interview, just like his photography!
October 26th, 2012
@gavincci Great interview JayDee, never leave! :)
October 26th, 2012
Jaydee is always a class act. Thanks for the interview and always inspiring work.
October 26th, 2012
October 26th, 2012
@chriswang @grizzlysghost @lisjam1 @digitalrn @jodimuli @loztsoul @sleepdozer57 I personally would like to thank all of you guys! , my followers, friends whos supports me, without you guys ......I will never survive
October 26th, 2012
super interview.
October 26th, 2012
perfect. @gavincci Kudos.
October 26th, 2012
Great interview Jaydee!
October 26th, 2012
Nice one... Good read guys..
October 26th, 2012
Love your imagination and creativity!
October 26th, 2012
@kalexa @andycoleborn @kjarn @bobfoto @houdiniem ---- thanks guys.... ♥
October 26th, 2012
I've always loved following you and I still do, your work always makes me dream for a moment. Great interview!
October 26th, 2012
Great interview buddy
October 27th, 2012
@geertje @sparkle - thanks guys😍
October 27th, 2012
'Don't compare yourself to everyone else. Your style will define itself if you stay true to yourself and shoot what you love.'
Best advice ever....great interview!
October 27th, 2012
Nice interview Jaydee! I'm a witness, sort of, how your photography and flexibility evolve. More creative years to you my friend. :)

10% ET! --> hahahaha!
October 27th, 2012
very nice! i enjoyed reading this!
October 28th, 2012
@shutterbugger thanks Jenn ... =)

@arielmagyawejr thanks! hahaha Katy Perry lang E.T.

@paulaag thanks Paula .... =)
October 28th, 2012
Love your work @gavincci :)
October 28th, 2012
brilliant interview :-) always look forward to seeing your work :-)
October 28th, 2012
Excellent interview. I'm always impressed with your work Jaydee.
October 28th, 2012
♥ Been an avid follower - love your work. Keep it coming! Great interview.
October 29th, 2012
@pocketmouse I also love yours..... and thanks so much and you're one of my long time batchmate/s here ..... =)

@markyl thanks mark .... =)

@maggie2 @thebluegnu thanks soo much guys ....... ♥♥♥
October 29th, 2012
Awesome, Jaydee! You are a an inspiration to all of us.
October 30th, 2012
@dmortega thanks Dorrena..... =)
October 30th, 2012
A fun read. =>
October 30th, 2012
You one of the reasons I persisted in understanding photoshop such cool work and concepts, love your project Jaydee
October 31st, 2012
Love the Manhattan pic on the ledge. Now that's an interview - way to go Jaydee (ps I have asthma too).
November 1st, 2012
@nathantology thanks! =)

@griff Thanks Darren , keep learning photoshop .... =)

@michaelelliott haha, seretide? thanks Micheal ... =)
February 6th, 2013
Nice interview. And still going strong I see :-)
February 13th, 2013
@mastermek ....=) thanks .....
May 9th, 2013
wow! im speechless with your work! am following...
May 20th, 2013
thanks @jerwinkie =)
September 25th, 2013
October 30th, 2013
@darylo thanks =) ! ♥
October 30th, 2013
I adore this, Jaydee!!! You are truly an amazing artist and you inspire me so much!!!
November 17th, 2013
I adore your work, and it's inspiring to know that I can continue to learn skillz. Like mad skillz. :) Hey, I'm an aquarian too. I see I already commented. Man, I'm coming back to say, WOW! :) hehe
January 4th, 2014
Love it!:) always outstanding and unique!
June 25th, 2014
your brilliance shines through ... as much in your words as your images
July 3rd, 2014
LOVE @gavincci you need a fan club !!!
August 8th, 2014
Great interview :) Keep up the awesome work Jaydee :) @gavincci
September 29th, 2016
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