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Leveret's concert at the end of their workshop week at Halsway Manor. Truly sublime. Catching up with holiday photos. A short video clip here https://365project.org/boxplayer/365/2024-07-04

Small group work all morning putting into practice all the stuff. Was put into a good group by Andy with Jo H, Sally on bassoon, Frauke on viola, and Fiona on accordion. We named ourselves 'I see no ladies' and worked on the jig Jo had written yesterday. Wasn't too hard to learn but a bit tricksy.

The performance at the showcase went ok thank goodness and the other groups did interesting numbers too - Anna having written a tune in honour of the mouse she'd found in her snack bag on returning late to her room the other night.

Lunch of jacket potatoes and salad followed by an hour or so with Andy answering our questions. A last get together after with all recapping our learnings and playing the tunes one last time. Wine and nibbles - what a surprise - before a supper of tagine and couscous - not all that great, and strawberry meringue.

Fabulous Leveret concert where we'd managed to bagsie front row seats for great sound.

As the concert ended, I checked my phone to see the exit polls coming in predicting a Labour landslide. I promptly burst into tears - I'll let you decide whether they were tears of happiness or despair.

All sessioning in the bar after and a certain John Spiers tune was played a couple of times. Leveret also joined for a bit which was nice.

We stayed up late drinking prosecco and watching the results come in, eventually clustering around Anna's iPad to watch on as most of the others went to bed. Bed at 4. 3.5 hours sleep.

Late night scone https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2024-07-04
Leveret play Snow on the Tracks https://365project.org/boxplayer/365/2024-07-04

4 July 2024
Crowcombe, Somerset
Great shot! He’s really lost in the music!
July 10th, 2024  
What a wonderful time you’ve had… looks and sounds such fun! Fabulous
July 10th, 2024  
Excellent capture of the musician in his element.
July 10th, 2024  
The look on his face is priceless
July 11th, 2024  
Love the expression you've captured
July 11th, 2024  
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