Breakfast kitchen by dkbarnett

Breakfast kitchen

All ready to start cooking breakfast.
My kitchen looks quite different...and probably easier to make a meal. I wonder what the tire is used for?
June 13th, 2018  
This is so interesting to look at.
June 13th, 2018  
The tyres caught my eye too - obviously they had some use - as giant trivets maybe?
June 13th, 2018  
A great shot :)
June 13th, 2018  
June 14th, 2018  
@gardenfolk @dide @robz @hermann @Dawn
thanks so much for commenting - much appreciated. I have no idea what the tyres would have been used for. The woks look rather beaten. Have probably been used for centuries!
June 14th, 2018  
This is a wonderful, thoughtful photo showing us a different way of life. Makes me feel lucky--and spoiled. And to think I complain about cooking....
June 17th, 2018  
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