4th August 2017 by emmadurnford

4th August 2017

What a busy day. 'Fat Fighters' first thing and another pound off so this week I celebrated by buying some lovely royal blue delphiniums from the new flower seller in Teddington - the chap who had a stall for years at Twickenham station. I thought this might be a better approach than buying an M&S chocolate cookie like I did last week!

Then it was a bit of a journey down to Farnham to collect a dress I had ordered that unfortunately could not be sent up to Kingston. What a lovely town. I am sure I must have been before but I don't remember it. I only got one hour parking so it was a bit of a whistle top tour but I managed to squeeze in an excellent flat white at an independent cafe and a brisk walk around town where I found this old courtyard.

Dress collected, I headed back up the A3 home for lunch and this afternoon I started the big job that I am aiming to have finished by the time Colin gets back - making and collating over 1,600 Christmas cards for this years orders. I've made a good start and unlike last year I am trying to pace myself to avoid wrecking my shoulder again.

I also treated myself to a nice dinner and created an excellent (although I say it myself) steak carpaccio with shavings of our very aged Reggiano Parmesano (bought from Bologna last November) on fresh rocket with balsamic vinegar and a little olive oil from Portugal... Mmmm...
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