22nd November 2019 by emmadurnford

22nd November 2019

What a good nights sleep, cosy mattress, fresh air from the opening window and NO noise from neighbours!

Only one problem, Colin was rather quiet and I felt so sorry for him as his dodgy crown is playing up and he could well have a dental abscess. We thought quickly, Colin didn’t want to risk dental treatment whilst away but we decided he should get some antibiotics if possible. We Googled for the right sort (that does not contain Penicillin as he is allergic) and found one he recognised. Luckily his dentist is very good and agreed that he should take a course and so emailed us a prescription. In the meantime we had booked tickets to visit Anne Franks house months in advance and despite Colin’s pain we managed the visit which was so sad and also enlightening as I read the book in my English classes many years ago. It is amazing to think the Anne was only fourteen years old when she wrote her diaries and tragically only her father survived and was given her diaries after the fall of the Nazis by a friend that had kept them safe during the war.

We managed a coffee and cake whilst I searched online for a suitable pharmacist. We were not totally sure whether they would give us the drugs but in the event the pharmacists assistant was excellent and so helpful. We eventually walked away with the drugs he needs but the downside that he under no circumstances can drink alcohol as he we become very ill. It’s a shame as we were planning on enjoying the Dutch beers but it’s more important that he’s taking the drugs.

After our rush to get to Anne Frank’s house and then find the pharmacy, we needed something for lunch so that Colin could actually take his first tablet. We found a lovely cafe strangely built on the side of a walking and sports shop so Colin could have some lunch to take his tablets with. It was a lovely place and we chatted with the woman working there who brings her lovely Labrador called Sarah into work with her and she likes to visit all the customers for a pat!

We walked back around the southern canals which really are impressive and had time for a sit down before heading out by tram to the fish restaurant I had booked for Colin’s delayed birthday celebration. It was just as well that I had booked as it was very crowded and there was a queue of people waiting. We were taken to our table after a few minutes and the meal really was excellent. Seafood is not particularly cheap but we really had value for money and the main platter we shared was delicious. The restaurant even brought a dessert with a candle in it for Colin. Despite no alcohol and some pain Colin did very well and I think he enjoyed the meal as well.

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