12th September 2020 by emmadurnford

12th September 2020

Day 171 of semi lock down

We were very good this morning. We got up early and headed straight to Lidl for a big shop - Colin has become quite a fan! Afterwards we were home before 8.45am and had put the shopping away, had breakfast and headed out for the third ‘trot’ of the week to Bushy Park by 9.30. We have now finished week 1 of the Couch to 5 Km so I am feeling more positive - hoping to kick some more weight off and I’ve lost 10lbs since I stopped baking and have reduced my carbs over the past weeks.

In the afternoon Chris brought Branston around so he and Colin could play nine holes of golf. He (Branston not Chris) was still upset that he had been left but I managed to distract him more successfully this time and I even managed to get the card order for The Loft and associated paperwork completed with him sleeping on his rug and then rather craftily on the bed as I didn’t spot him for a while!
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