16th September 2022 by emmadurnford

16th September 2022

After the horror of last night I felt I wanted to replace the images in my mind with something more positive. I am not a morning person which is why Spain is such a good country for me in that most people rise late, eat late, got to bed late!

I need to get up early this morning though as I wanted to capture the town in morning light. I set my alarm for a little before sunrise which was not such an effort as that was bit before 8.00am. Initially there was thick low cloud and I thought it would not be worth going out but the cloud started to lift and I could see the yellow light creeping through.

I chucked clothes on and headed out - Colin was not too disappointed to stay behind. The light got better and better, I walked up into the town, past the band playing happy birthday in the Plaza Mayor and continued climbing steps upwards until I was high up by the castelated city walls. The light was perfect and I really enjoyed my time up there with nothing but birdsong… a massive tuba playing and then two very loud rockets!!

Back to the apartment for a shower and later breakfast and then we drove into the nearby town of Teruel - apparently it gets very cold here in the winter but today was in the high twenties. It was nice although not as attractive and old as Albarracin. We had a great lunch although as usual we probably ordered too much and waddled our way around looking at the impressive Mudejar towers.

On the way back (increased with a SatNav detour!), we experienced a violent storm that flooded the road to the extent that we were forced to stop for a while before it subsided. Then we found by chance, a roadside memorial (one of many in the region) to 12 people shot dead in 1936 in the Spanish Civil War by Franco’s soldiers - the very strange thing was that the day they were shot was the 16th of September 1936 - exactly 86 years to the day that we found the memorial. I felt we should mark the date and remember them so I picked some wild flowers and left them in front of the list of men killed ranging in age between 25 and 61 years of age. Very sobering.
Gorgeous. Moving moment.
September 25th, 2022  
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