How could I not look for him? by eudora

How could I not look for him?

The last time I saw Commander was Tuesday. He's an outdoor cat, a former stray who adopted us. Not the cuddliest guy, but we grew to like him and we fed him and took him to the vet. He had wandered before and he is microchipped, but this morning, after 5 days, I got worried. I called the neighbors, visited the animal shelter, posted online and made posters. As I was leaving to put up my posters, Commander came up on the deck to eat. He has a hurt leg. Otherwise, he seems OK. I missed my writing workshop, but how could I not look for him?

Nifty Fifty SOOC. Shot using the toy camera picture effect. This challenge has made me explore more of my camera's features.
He is beautiful, as is th photo and of course you had to try and find him! So glad he came home!
September 25th, 2023  
Such a lovely looking moggy and agree you did have to look for him great he returned home
September 25th, 2023  
This speaks to the love you exude for our fur friends, and I'd venture that what you wrote for us is as touching as any other compiled words could be!
September 25th, 2023  
Lovely eyes! So glad he is back. Hope his injuries heal quickly.
September 25th, 2023  
A sweet capture.Fav😊
September 25th, 2023  
Of course you looked- wild or not, he's your cat! Hopefully his hurt leg will heal quickly. Nice purr-trait!
September 29th, 2023  
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