Happy Birthday Sweet Sophie by gardenfolk

Happy Birthday Sweet Sophie

Their affection is timeless,
their devotion is ageless,
and their love is forever.
...Author Unknown

My little teacup Schnauzer, Piccolina Mia Sophia Bella, her registered name, is 14 today! Happy Birthday sweet Sophie! She is now the oldest one in the family.

Sophie Belle has been the best little doggie. At only 5 pounds, she has a big personality. She was born in Texas on Father's Day. My dad, who was born in Texas, had passed away so I took it as a sign that Sophie was meant to help me heal. When I saw her photo, I couldn't resist.

I took Sophie to puppy classes, intermediate obedience classes and good canine citizen class. The classes are really to train the human. With better communication, both the human and dog know what to expect from each other. As for barking, Sophie is quiet, unless she sees another dog. She barks until she is allowed to touch noses, then she is over it. I call her the "speed dater".

Since Sophie is so small, everyone thinks she is a puppy and especially with her "pandemic" longer haircut. Where ever she goes, she gets a lot of attention. Mini Schnauzers usually weigh around 15 pounds. She is registered as a Miniature Schnauzer but is teacup in size. Before Sophie Belle, we had 3 Miniature Schnauzers. Gretchen, was our first that we adopted at 5 years old. Jax Little Miss Gretta and Good Golly Miss Molly came later as pups. I thought about getting a Giant Schnauzer but then found Sophie and decided to "downsize".

Sophie is healthy, happy, full of pep but now hard of hearing. We love her, Katniss loves her and the grand boys love her...and she gives us an abundance of love, loyalty and companionship in return.
Happy birthday Sophie! What a little darling you are! My boys would love you I am sure! Xx
June 17th, 2021  
Well stated. Our creature attachments, so powerful!
June 18th, 2021  
Fun collage of Sophie photos!
June 18th, 2021  
Such a sweet collage. I really enjoyed your narrative. Tell Sophie Belle that I said happy birthday and I hope she has champagne with her birthday cake. 😎
June 18th, 2021  
She does look like a puppy. Sounds like a wonderful companion. Happy Birthday to Sophie and my she have many more.
June 18th, 2021  
Aw...this is such a sweet collage. It captures her personality.
June 18th, 2021  
So adorable, Happy Birthday Sophie :-)
June 18th, 2021  
So sweet
June 18th, 2021  
Happy Birthday sweet Sophie a lovely collage and captures for your 14th birthday.
June 18th, 2021  
ww, cute shots of Sophie.
June 18th, 2021  
Happy Birthday Sophie!
June 18th, 2021  
Adorable captures.Fav😊
June 20th, 2021  
Happy Birthday sweet Sophie.
July 13th, 2021  
@yogiw Sorry it was such a horrific day of loss for you...two extremes. :(
July 23rd, 2021  
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