E-envelope by granagringa


Today's photo "delivery'.....I like it better on black, if you care to check that out.
excellent on black, great lighting too...I really like the simplicity of it
March 22nd, 2018  
Great shot and idea
March 22nd, 2018  
What an awesome abstract!! I feel bad saying this - but would it be possible to straighten the intersecting edge between the black and the blue. It just seems to be an integral part of the overall structure. I hope you don't mind me mentioning it but I just like it so much otherwise! :)
March 22nd, 2018  
looks very abstract
March 22nd, 2018  
Clever. I would almost be inclined to enter it into the landscape category!
It just takes me away into thought of mountains and slopes. I love the concept.
March 22nd, 2018  
@robz please...never ever feel bad about giving me suggestions...i really appreciate them even if i may not always agree...i think straightening it would make it too mundane...but you made me think about it & perhaps tilting more & getting more of a black triangle in the background would have added to thevdesign...I'll try playing with it...so ..ty, ty, ty!!!
March 23rd, 2018  
@graemestevens. i am honored...thank you.
March 23rd, 2018  
@seattlite @phil_howcroft. Thank you...always nice when an idea works!
March 23rd, 2018  
@helenhall What a nice comment...glad this evoked something!
March 23rd, 2018  
@granagringa Oh - I like your suggestion much more - tilt for another triangle!! Yes, Yes, yes!! :)
March 23rd, 2018  
Great composition.
March 24th, 2018  
Very geometric, I would not have known what it was. Great image.
March 25th, 2018  
@haskar @bella_ss Thank you so much for your comments...So encouraging!
March 26th, 2018  
Good one
April 7th, 2018  
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