Drop in Black & White by granagringa

Drop in Black & White

This was a bit of a challenge for me...getting a fast enough shutter speed and still enough light without blowing out the ISO....and I would have liked to have underexposed it a bit more for the black background. If you view on black, you'll see how gray this is rather than black....Any suggestions????

For the current b&w challenge - drops and / or bubbles. Also works for week 3 of the 52-week dogwood challenge: black & white!

Nicely done - you managed to catch that drop in full glory before it fell!
January 19th, 2019  
Very well done! Beautiful!!
January 19th, 2019  
If you increase the contrast, the grey will become black (or use curves in photoshop). There is less detail in the drop and the tap then too. I imagine it is difficult to get a see through drop to show up well in black and white but I might be wrong. I have same issues with lighting and ISO
January 19th, 2019  
@farmreporter @jenp Thank,s Ladies... I appreciate your "eye" and your comments...always.
January 21st, 2019  
@helenhall Thanks...I will really have to spend more time learning PS! And probably have to some day invest in an off-camera flash. (by the way, it wasn't a tap, but an eye-dropper, which added more complications..in how to squeeze the drop out w/o moving the dropper!)
January 21st, 2019  
It's such a nice, elongated drop!
January 28th, 2019  
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