Give us a kiss then...... by happypat

Give us a kiss then......

Its our local agricultural show this weekend.
A two day event & some if you long timers will no doubt remember when I spent almost five days there when we ran the Horticultral marquee.

I only help a bit in the tea tent now so able to have B&Bers staying.
The chap who runs the rabbit marquee is staying this year & he brought a few of his rabbits.
These are two Rex rabbits one sable & one a seal colour.

Later I am taking a few photos I have entered & Harry & I will have a walk round the show field.

I might be a bit lax with the commenting this weekend as I will be out a lot I'm afraid, sorry.

Three good things:
1. It rained this morning, not a lot thank goodness but enough to freshen the land.
2. Fantastic tennis matches at Wimbledon, so evenly matched at the semi final stage. Three hours for three sets, a long way to go yet!
3. I love watching the camera as it goes round the spectators, people watching at its best!
Awww so cute! They are gorgeous rabbits. Hope your entries do well, that’s exciting and fun! Enjoy your weekend!
July 13th, 2018  
July 13th, 2018  
Oh I really love bunnies and these two are so sweet..
July 13th, 2018  
Love rabbits
July 13th, 2018  
Lovely shot.
July 13th, 2018 so sweet!!
July 13th, 2018  
Utterly charming!
July 13th, 2018  
awww cute! Love bunnies
July 13th, 2018  
Cute capture and great timing!
July 13th, 2018  
Two charming bunnies ! -- so cute ! Hope the weather holds for the Show , and good luck with your photo entries . Nice to have time for yourself at this year's show ! Enjoy !
July 13th, 2018  
@beryl Just taken my photos in Beryl, I do t hold much chance this year! Some amazing ones & as my grandson said the proper cameras take such wonderful shots these days that a 5 iPhone shot can't compete much! All about entering! I'm going to upgrade my phone later this year but still love the convenience of a phone camera in my pocket.
July 13th, 2018  
Bunny twins... enjoy the show...
July 13th, 2018  
So cute enjoy the show
July 13th, 2018  
They look as if they could just jump right out! And run away into your bushes! Glad you have entered the photos - you never know!
July 13th, 2018  
Awww... they are so cute!!
July 13th, 2018  
just way too cute and beautiful Pat
July 13th, 2018  
July 14th, 2018  
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