A rabbit as homework  by jacqbb

A rabbit as homework

Another try to understand ISO better:
Top one - A F8, S 1,3”, iso low ( lowest setting on my camera)
Bottom one - A F8, S 200, iso 25600 ( highest setting on my camera)

isn't the camera clever that it takes the same photo at different settings?? I still cannot get my head around stops and shutter speed and ISO as soon as numbers and ratios came into that lesson I shut down!!
January 19th, 2021  
I am just starting to understand the logic, am struggling to spot the difference.
In my opinion, the eye and the hat are clearer in the top
January 19th, 2021  
With very high ISO you can get "noise" (image grain), which might be why the bottom picture looks fuzzy. However, the bottom image actually looks out of focus to me, so I'm wondering whether you might have mixed them up as the slower shutter speed you describe for the top shot would suit the outcome of the bottom shot. ??
January 19th, 2021  
my gut says what Peter H said. Try again but maybe choose not to be so close to your subject
January 19th, 2021  
Props on getting to know your camera it is boring, but really pays dividends! I once heard a photographer say that iso stands for "increasingly sh*tty outcome" and think that is true at the high end of the scale. At the low end of the scale results are more nuanced, and you are the only one that decide what is or isnt acceptable.

My camera has a single base iso of 100, with that in mind maybe this will help you get a grasp on iso for your camera:

100-350 I can't tell the difference when I pixel peep.

500-800 is slightly worse, but still quite good.

800-2000 is noticable noise, still useful and better than getting a blurry shot.

2000-3200 is not so hot, can't crop at all.

3200+ is really not ok, that said I have a few favorites here, so use your best judgement.

I have recently started cheating by using topaz Denise and sharpen ai, and have made quite a few shots move from unacceptable to printable. A noisy shot is better than a blurry shot!
January 19th, 2021  
You can really see the graininess in the bottom one. I am old enough to remember when we were happy to get high iso films. Glad those days are passed. Did you keep the light the same in both versions?
January 19th, 2021  
Some days I think eureka I’ve got it and then another day its gone out of the window but slowly getting it ( I think).
January 19th, 2021  
I think it’s nice to know about settings & I do use them, but also sometimes still use auto. What matters is that the end product is what you want!
January 19th, 2021  
The bottom shot is much more grainy than the nice smooth top one.
January 20th, 2021  
Great idea
January 20th, 2021  
You are so good with your homework!
January 20th, 2021  
@runner365 Thank you Claes :)
@farmreporter Thank you Wendy :)
@carole_sandford Thanks Carole, I mostly use my Aperture setting and auto ISO, but I want to complete the course :)
@wakelys I hope it works for me the same way :)
@shutterbug49 I got the same lighting as they were shot only two minutes apart Debbie :)
@teriyakih Thank you for your extensive explanation, It was homework and it’s useful to know what the results are when you use the extreme possibilities of your camera. But I’m very happy to have auto iso on my camera :)
@koalagardens When posting these shots I thought the bottom one was in focus (rim of the spectacles, but looking now it could have been better..... I certainly will try it again! Thanks Katrina :)
@peadar Hi Pad, thank you for taking the time to give feedback. I checked the shots and the bottom one was the one with the freakishly high iso. While reviewing it again today it was a bit out of focus so I’ll try this exercise again and pester you all with the results ;)
@ninaganci You’re so right Nina, the bottom one was a bit out of focus :)
@30pics4jackiesdiamond I’m so glad my camera has an auto iso setting, I understand aperture and working on the speed setting......but no worries this is a learning experience and I have a year to get it under control, thanks for your comment Jackie :)
January 20th, 2021  
@ludwigsdiana Could be better, but at least I try. Did you do A year with my camera Diana?
January 20th, 2021  
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