Macro: Daisy drop by jeneurell

Macro: Daisy drop

I haven't quite got the hang of this yet, but am pleased enough with my composition - clarity of drop could be improved. It is a very tricky business getting it into focus. It is also difficult to get a drop of water in the right place, and without sliding down the leaf. I probably need better eyes! It kept me out of mischief for a whole morning trying to get this shot.
What a fabulous refraction fav
August 27th, 2023  
I love it, beautifully captured.
August 27th, 2023  
Nicely done.
August 27th, 2023  
Very pretty with purple backdrop.
August 27th, 2023  
Well done!
August 28th, 2023  
Fantastic refraction shot- I cannot get one of these to save my life!
August 30th, 2023  
@onewing @ludwigsdiana @merrelyn @yaorenliu @tapucc10
Thanks you for your comment.
@olivetreeann Ann I see a lot of these, but not sure how they are taken - some with dedicated macro lens, others with smart phones. I took this on with a Nikon D800 with two extension tubes and using the 120mm part of a 24-120mm lens - and on a tripod. One trick though that I have learnt is to mix the water with the same amount of glycerine so the water drops keep their shape (doesn't always work though!) and apply it with a syringe.
September 2nd, 2023  
@jeneurell Oh- glycerine- that makes sense. For some reason it registered in my brain that you found this on the leaf and captured "in the wild"! Still- even with the extra holding power of glycerine, I'd still struggle with this shot. It's great!
September 3rd, 2023  
i've never had any success in this drop macro shots. and i've done all the things you did and more but no dice! so for me this is great. the composition is great as well a the colours. aces!
September 10th, 2023  
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