BOUQUET OF SHRIMP by jerzyfotos


Health issues have cut our trip short and we fly back today but have good memories of the beach scene in front of our hotel.
A wonderful shot for your finale. I hope all is Ok with both of you.
February 29th, 2024  
A lovely shot to end your trip with. I hope it is nothing serious and you will both be up and running soo.
March 1st, 2024  
Lovely capture. I hope all is OK.
March 1st, 2024  
@robz @ludwigsdiana @haskar thank you. My wife got really sick and ended up in the hospital at Puerto Vallarta. We had to decide quickly so pulled the plug on Mexico, ate the cost of return flight and maybe 18 days of hotel stay and got the almost last two seats of a direct flight to Kelowna. We are recuperating in our home...own bed and there is nothing like home.
March 3rd, 2024  
@jerzyfotos What an unfortunate end to your mexican holiday. But it sounds like it made the difference and you are both coming good. Best wishes for your continued well being... Cheers Rob
March 3rd, 2024  
Sorry your trip got cut short. It's good you ate the cost (OUCH) and got your wife home to her own bed and home. I hope she's feeling back to herself soon.
March 9th, 2024  
@robz @peekysweets thank you for the well wishes. Well as luck would have it the home visit was short and my wife ended up back in the hospital in Kelowna. She is back home again and dealing with a few issues that may take time. Great being back in Canada to deal with things, I see you guys posting great pictures and thanks for sharing them. Cheers
March 9th, 2024  
@jerzyfotos All the best to your wife - lucky thing that you made it home to be able to have the care she needs. Best wishes Rob
March 10th, 2024  
@jerzyfotos I'm glad she is on the mend. Praying all will be well soon.
March 11th, 2024  
How sad, hope your wife is ok - love this shot, there’s a sense of nostalgia
March 28th, 2024  
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