Everything is closing by mcsiegle

Everything is closing

Vera’s challenge to me was to “take a photo where the view of your main subject would be obstructed by something else.” In Eisenhower Hall the other evening when I went up to campus to the office to check on something, I photographed the view of the hallway with bulletin board as the door went from open to closed.

I posted this horizontal version first — then thought a vertical arrangement might show the closing better. I don’t know if I like either of them, to tell the truth.
@vera365 Kind of a play on words. The door is closing — so are a lot of public venues.
March 23rd, 2020  
That's nice and really time-relevant. Alas, I didn't make it to take an "abundance" photo. There is abundance of work though, so maybe I just could tag my today's photo of the computer/headphones ;)
March 23rd, 2020  
I think I prefer this one to the portrait view.
March 23rd, 2020  
A good response to your challenge.
March 23rd, 2020  
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