Lion Sleeps Tonight by nickspicsnz

Lion Sleeps Tonight

One of the lionesses in the small pride at Paradise Valley Springs, Rotorua. They were all feeling the heat and were sleeping apart from the short time in the afternoon when they were fed. Made me think of the song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

When I was researching it, it turns out to be one of the most contentious songs. The original song is now credited to Solomon Linda who wrote "Mbube" (Zulu for "Lion") in 1939:

The version I can remember from my youth was Tight Fit's "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", recorded in 1982:
Warning: don't watch the video - you'll get an earworm, lol!

Sorry for mass upload - playing catchup after a few days away at Rotorua.
Beautiful capture and light. That is still a very popular song here in SA.
January 8th, 2022  
Just like a big kitty!
January 8th, 2022  
I looked at the exif to see how close you were! Nice photo. It would have been feeling very hot mid afternoon on the 4th of January.
January 8th, 2022  
I never forget this song! It is iconic! This wee lion looks quite young and is not worried about being exposed online!
January 8th, 2022  
Terrific capture Nickā€¦.lovely colour of the fur & contentment of the sleeping lion.
January 8th, 2022  
Great capture.
January 8th, 2022  
Cool capture.
January 9th, 2022  
She looks so peaceful, so content.
January 10th, 2022  
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