When Ruby met Donna and Gina (Vintage MIR-1 lens) by phil_howcroft

When Ruby met Donna and Gina (Vintage MIR-1 lens)

This was going to be my 200th stranger photo.

However, I've decided to just post it as a street photograph. Why, i hear you ask? Well maybe one person might ask.

Well it was shot in fading light on a vintage lens that I was testing for the first time.

The low light meant that there is a bit of grain in the photo, which is probably the main reason it didn't make it as my 200th stranger.

Ruby and I were walking through Arnold town centre, when Donna and Gina walked out the the Cross Keys pub front door (they were about to have a cigarette).

Gina got all excited seeing Ruby in her Christmas scarf, shouting at me that she loved her outfit.

I took ruby over to them both, to introduce her. Both ladies made a big fuss of Ruby, Donna telling me that she used to have a whippet dog with almost identical markings to Ruby. I told them of Ruby's history and they both had a stroke.

I then asked them if i could take a photo of them with my MIR-1 Russian lens, which as you can see they both agreed to.

Another reason I decided not to post is as my 200th image is because Ruby is looking away. I do have one with Ruby looking towards me , but Gina (the lady with the lead) was looking down at Ruby rather than me.

I shook hands with both ladies and they told me it had been a pleasure to meet Ruby (and me too)

It is lovely that a dog can bring so much joy to people.

Ruby is so friendly to everyone she meets, she seems to draw people towards her.

Anyway thank you Donna and Gina for allowing me to take your photo.

A lovely shot - Ruby seems so at home with these two ladies !
December 23rd, 2019  
Love the purple outfit!
December 23rd, 2019  
What a lovely story. Dogs do make friends for you! I look forward to your 200th stranger......
December 23rd, 2019  
A heartwarming photo, Phil. And when/if I ever get to my 200th stranger portrait, I know I shall also want it to be just right!
December 23rd, 2019  
A lovely shot. Now I know why you take Ruby out with you wherever you go, hehe. A beautiful capture of the two ladies; pity Ruby looked in another direction, maybe she did that so we could see the full shape of her coat.
December 23rd, 2019  
@sangwann thanks Dione, Ruby is always a good intro' for chating to people

@quietpurplehaze thanks Haze, the Chinese man at 199 would have been a good 200th , but that may have meant holding it back for a little while

@casablanca thanks Casa' , I haven't found stranger 2000 yet !!!!

@sdutoit thank you Sylvia

@beryl thanks beryl , ruby is such a sociable little dog :)
December 23rd, 2019  
Well you are very critical of your photo Phil, it looks perfect to me! Donna & Gina look great subjects & full of fun....no wonder they commented on Ruby, she looks like a top model!
December 23rd, 2019  
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