Looking Up (Helios 44-2 Vintage Lens) by phil_howcroft

Looking Up (Helios 44-2 Vintage Lens)

My whippet Ruby, has her own Instagram account... ruby_the_wanderer

It is her stories in her words ....

I hope you like this photo of me "looking up". I'm listening to my human Mum who is upstairs in one of the bedrooms asking me if I want my tea. What kind of question is that? I am a whippet, we always want our tea ! My Human Dad had his camera out and was clicking away taking some shots. His Sony A7 and a vintage Russian Helios 44-2 58mm prime lens . How may whippets do you know who are as clued up as me about cameras and lenses?

The pretty flowers you see on the wall are the hanging baskets. My Dad took them off their brackets last weekend as they were looking a bit "end of summer" to be in a prime location on the front of the house.

That's it I think, I hope all my Insta followers ...humans and animals...have a great week ahead.

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A 365er once told me that the best photos are taken when the photographer has an emotional connection with the subject... I think that proves the point with this shot. Ruby looks very beautiful! Very well done!
September 9th, 2020  
@marlboromaam maggie that is a really nice comment and one that i concur with. Many thanks 😃📷📸
September 9th, 2020  
The look of a devoted pet.
September 9th, 2020  
a stunning portrait of Ruby
September 9th, 2020  
Great commentary coming from a human thinking like a dog, hehe. Fabulous capture of Ruby. She is so close to your heart.
September 9th, 2020  
You look beautiful a Ruby & in your prime if life...no double chin there!
You’re right you must be the most knowledgable whippet in the country!
September 9th, 2020  
Great capture moment, especially like the eye detail.
September 9th, 2020  
You're a real star Rubes:)
September 10th, 2020  
cute fav
September 13th, 2020  
So ‘grey-seful’ looking. Fav
September 30th, 2020  
Always lovely to see Ruby
October 8th, 2020  
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