Common Starling by phil_sandford

Common Starling

Always thought the Starling should not be able to do this, but on research, I was surpised to find that they are actually a 'Passerine Bird' so adept at perching, so like their smaller cousins, the tits, finches etc that eat my birdfood, these chaps with their brightly speckled feathers are also able to do so.

They are the teenagers of the UK garden birds, they arrive en-masse and will strip a feeder of all seed in a matter of hours.

Thanks for dropping by
January 24th, 2023  
Great shot!
January 24th, 2023  
Common but smart!
January 24th, 2023  
Nice shot
January 24th, 2023  
A lovely shot
January 24th, 2023  
Great timing.
January 24th, 2023  
What an acrobat!
January 24th, 2023  
Super shot
January 25th, 2023  
Great shot
January 26th, 2023  
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