Nation in Mourning by princessicajessica

Nation in Mourning

As the sun was beginning to set this evening, we stopped by Chris Hadfield Park in the nearby city of Milton to see all 14 of the Canadian flags (the national flag, ten provincial flags, and three territorial flags) flying at half-staff together on the last day of the official mourning period following the death of our late Head of State.

Unfortunately, the trees in the park are such right now that you can't get a view of all 14 flags at once. You can see bits of all 14 poles/flags in this photo, though they're in the wrong order because the display is meant to be seen from the other side.

Canada's flag is on the tallest pole, behind the others (it looks in front from this angle) and on the shorter poles we've got the three territorial flags followed by the ten provincial ones. Going from the right of the photo to the left, we have: Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario (pretty much directly behind the Canadian flag from this angle), Quebec; you can see a little bit of the flags of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, then the flags of Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador are totally blocked by trees, but you can see the tops of their poles above.
Beautiful shot and nice to see
September 20th, 2022  
Belle image
September 20th, 2022  
What a fine array of flags. Yes I have a friend who lives in Vancouver and they got up early (or stayed up late?) to watch the days events on TV
September 20th, 2022  
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