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I'm noticing more kayaks at the lake this year. Perhaps a pursuit some have taken up under the current public health circumstances? Or they've dusted off a kayak that was already in the garage? I wonder.

Today was a no-break, 12.5K row. Making a long row with no break is usually a spontaneous decision at the lake and Clare worries when she doesn't get a text about a water break after 30–40 minutes. Today's row was about 70 minutes of rowing (1,480 strokes according to the electronic device*).

[ IMG_0472S130x65tm :: P&S ]

* And no, I don't know how it counts strokes. In the pre-GPS days, it was rather clever: A magnet or hunk of metal on the underside of the sliding seat would pass over a device that would detect the sliding seat passing above it. How this little box does it, I do not know.
A wonderful hobby
July 12th, 2020  
We bought a used kayak this summer and are really enjoying it. There is a short season of rowing possible on the Rio Grande as it loses so much water when the farms down south need it for irrigation.
July 12th, 2020  
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