“Polly”: A camera/photography-themed beer by rhoing

“Polly”: A camera/photography-themed beer

It was this or another grandchild photo:
» 11-week old grandson just looking super-cute or
» granddaughter working on a jigsaw puzzle with Mimi (or reading Wimpy Kid with Mimi).

From the back of the can: “This juicy New England Double IPA was brewed in memory of Polly, our co-founder Henry’s grandmother. Polly took her trusty Nikon wherever she went and creatively captured the world and people around her. She traveled to many places, but the one she loved most was Cambridge, Massachusetts where she lived for twenty-five years. When she wasn’t converting the bathroom and closet at her 9 Ware Street apartment into a darkroom to develop her film and make prints, she was working at the Harvard photography lab and really enjoying the company of the students there. Polly’s first sip of beer was a Mighty Squirrel in 2015 at age 87 … she would be happy to know her favorite brewery is still around.

Polly has a warm golden hour color and is brewed with Henry’s favorite hops, Citra and Mosaic, giving it delicious tropical notes and lasting aromas of peach, star fruit, and mango.

» Mighty Squirrel Brewing Co.

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That is awesome!
February 28th, 2021  
This is a wonderful, & interesting story find. FAV
February 28th, 2021  
I'd love to send this to a relative called Polly but I doubt she would realise the story and the super photo! fav
February 28th, 2021  
Great find! Very cool.
February 28th, 2021  
Well dog gone, they have a beer for every occasion
February 28th, 2021  
Very cool.
March 1st, 2021  
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