A good, long row by rhoing

A good, long row

If not very fast.
~13,000 meters = a bit over 8 miles today.

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Today’s numbers
North dock > behind peninsula: 6,537m > 37:16.6 (2:51.1/500m); 21½ spm; 769s; 0 CLAMs
Behind peninsula > North dock: 6,510m > 36:05.7 (2:46.3/500m); 22 spm; 756s; 1 CLAM

[ PXL_20210630_153505298S130x65tm :: cell phone ]
Sounds like a good workout to me! I'm sure you're a fit old guy. LOL!
September 25th, 2021  
I'll bet the purpose of the row is not speed but endurance and a chance to clear one's head and enjoy the beautiful around you. If this is an "illustration" you achieved the latter as well as the former.
September 26th, 2021  
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