What are the chances? by rhoing

What are the chances?

Clare and I walked another trail with our friend Bobbie, but wanted a little more, so we went to the trail that’s closest to our house and walked another 30–40 minutes. I was struck by how the tree over the path fell over … and fell into the fork of another tree that’s stout enough to support the fallen tree. I suspect this doesn’t happen very often.

Gah! I’ve posted this scene before! At least it was from the other side, “If a tree falls in a forest…”!

Almost SOOC. I did add a pre-set filter (Desert Glow) to “blue-up” the sky. Taken on Clare’s new Pixel 8; I [unintentionally] left mine at home charging when we left the house.

Note to Mags I had one lame-frame yesterday, but I’m trying to maintain some standard of quality here and I decline to be a slave to posting something every day. I don’t gotta post, so yesterday’s a blank on the grid. (Also, I’m declining to be a month-long slave to flash-o-red. Some photos — notably many of your landscapes — are improved with B&W, but not all have that quality.)

[ PXL_20240203_173349978_DesertGlow_12x9tm :: cell phone ]

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Ha ha! Well, if a tree falls in my woods, I usually hear the thud while inside the house when it hits the ground. That is if it's big enough - like one of these tall pines. It's a lovely shot!
February 8th, 2024  
Some subjects just lend themselves to photographing over and over again.
February 8th, 2024  
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