i am not someone else by summerfield

i am not someone else


another go at the album cover disguised as a glamour self portrait. or perhaps it's the other way around.

no, i have not lost my mind and had my hair coloured. although i've met quite a few older women (by older i mean older than me) who had coloured their grey or white hair to pink or green or purple or blue. mine was all done in ribbet.

for the album cover challenge.

artist: The Hopkins House
album: I am not someone else

The Hopkins House at 49b Downshire Hill is the common name given to the high-tech home and workspace in Hampstead, London (1976), designed by architects Michael and Patty Hopkins.

My one regret in life is that I am not someone else. - Woody Allen

also tagging for sheralee's 52 portraits of me, the prompt this week is glamour.


in my father's mother's bloodline, there was a strain that produced very light grey or very light blue eyes. my paternal grandmother, who had died long before my parents married, had a sister that they thought was blind. she wasn't, it's only the coloration of the iris. but she was stigmatized and teased and treated as blind. apparently that strain skips a generation, which was my father's generation. therefore, my cousins on my father's side and i are supposed to carry that strain which would mean that one of us would have a child with such eyes. none of my cousins had a child with light irises, but four of us, two males and two females, in our generation did not have our own children. i was barren, my other cousin chrissy was a spinster and the male ones never married.

when the first mr. summerfield and i got married, i told him about that strange phenomenon in the paternal bloodline. i was kind of hoping that i carried the strain and my husband's genes would enhance my chances of having an issue with light coloured irises. no such luck for me, i was barren. so i explained to my nephews and nieces that one of them may be carrying that gene that has that strain.

i love blue eyes, just not on me. you know whose blue eyes are most gorgeous? paul newman!


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Art portrait!!!!
July 16th, 2018  
Lovely selfie!
The child-free life is the best!! 😃
July 16th, 2018  
A stunning portrait and lovely cover. I don't agree with the child-free life though ;-)
July 16th, 2018  
Definitely, you are not someone else... And I think it''s for the best!
July 16th, 2018  
Very art-y! You look very glamorous to me!
July 16th, 2018  
You nailed a lot of challenges with this exceptionally beautiful photo! You look stunning with multicolored hair! And I agree with you about Paul Newman‘s eyes
July 16th, 2018  
I like the colours they suit you. Agree about Mr Newman too.
July 16th, 2018  
This is an awesome portrait of you. It looks like you are thinking of Paul Newman.
July 16th, 2018  
I enjoy looking at eye colors and how they play out in the generations of families. My mom and dad- blue eyes, and since it's one of those lovely recessive genes, my sisters and I had them too. Jeff's parents- dad blue, mom, hazel, but her mom had blue, so Jeff ended up with blue eyes too which meant... our sons had blue eyes! It was the only thing I was certain of when I learned I was pregnant. Our first daughter in law has hazel eyes so Leigh, Sam and Lucy are a mixed bunch- and Lucy is the only one with blue eyes (Sam has brown and Leigh has hazel). The second daughter in law has blue eyes, as does her parents, so Isaac and Micah have blue eyes too. It will be fun (if I live long enough) to see what the great grands end up with. Of course all that will be determined by the color of eyes in the ones they marry!

So glad the color streaks are from photo magic. I don't know why women think that streaking their hair that way makes them look younger. We were out for lunch the other day and a lady came to eat with a vivid blue streak in her hair and blue lipstick. I think she was trying to look younger but it only made me think, "You must be pushing 60 if you're trying to look like you're 18."

Nice job on the album cover!
July 16th, 2018  
@olivetreeann - i know what you mean. most people don't realize it's hard to look 18 when you're already in the threshold of late 50's early 60's. one lady i met at a party during the holiday season last year, was trying to convince me that i will look much younger if i dyed my hair very light purple. i think not! thanks, ann.
July 16th, 2018  
Bring back the grey hair - I too much prefer it. Otherwise, a really lovely portrait of you. I was interested in the artist reference. The Hopkins House was nearby me in my first accommodation as a student in London. I would wonder by and take a look in awe as it was the subject of more than one lecture we had on modern architecture (it would have been 10 years old at the time).
July 16th, 2018  
Love the funky hair art, but perhaps not permanently. Might get some good shots of people's expressions though. Very interesting back story too, thanks for sharing.
July 17th, 2018  
This is wonderful Vikki - love it.... but I hate your use of the term 'barren' to describe your childless state. It's such a brutal word to describe a condition that can cause much unhappiness.
July 21st, 2018  
I think the streaked hair may have paid off- congrats on being a finalist!
July 23rd, 2018  
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