shrimp and scallop in cacciatore sauce by summerfield

shrimp and scallop in cacciatore sauce

today is thursday and joey muli has declared thursdays for textures. so many textures going on this palatable dish.

i am bored with food and so i fancied ordering from my favourite italian restaurant that i haven't visited since march when the lockdown came into effect. i also ordered a vegetarian pizza and foolishly i ordered the big size. why you ask? because the medium size one was $21 and the large one was $18. 'twas a no-brainer. yes, until it was delivered and the thing was humongous and i only managed to eat the two smallest slices. what was i thinking!!! and so the cacciatore was relegated to dinner. to be fair, my fridge had been empty of decent food for three weeks now as i would cook only small portions, enough for two to three meals.
great spaghetti texture - looks delish
September 4th, 2020  
Oh yummo, I love that kind of food.
September 4th, 2020  
fabulous textures in the photo. Nice light and color too! I can almost taste it!

I forgot testure Thursday
September 4th, 2020  
Looks pretty tasty. I can see a number of different textures.
September 4th, 2020  
looks really appetizing. there are only so many times you can keep going back to a pizza though, i hope you manage some more before it goes to waste.
September 4th, 2020  
September 5th, 2020  
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