Let There Be Light- Three Ways by 30pics4jackiesdiamond

Let There Be Light- Three Ways

I needed to alter my plans for a daily shot of my chosen props as we had a quick trip away. The last four were all taken on same day.

Props- lamp, candlestick, candle, Alladin lamp and lights

I used to work as a Saturday Girl at the Co-Op homeware department, and there was great staff discount! For Christmas I bought a lamp, with a deep red glass shade, for my parents. It came in very handy in the winter of 1973 when power cuts were normal and tv stopped st 10.0ppm. One of my brothers now has that red lamp.

Many years later Mum and Dad gave me this lamp as a thank you for 'baby-sitting' my brothers for a week. The glass candle sticks have been in His family for a couple of generations and come out at Christmas. A colleague went to Dubai and I asked her to find me an Alladin lamp and I have used it a few times here!!

I wish I'd moved the candle across to the right and light painted the scene, but I rushed this.

I managed to use all the props I set out on Sunday, which stretched my creativity and showed me how often I don't plan and improvise as I go along! Thank you for all your lovely feedback and comments.

Lovely lighting theme Jackie and to know the back stories too. I have one of those little Aladins lamps - from Marrakech!
February 23rd, 2020  
February 23rd, 2020  
Can I see a genie? 🧞‍♂️
February 23rd, 2020  
Good one Jackie!
February 23rd, 2020  
Nicely done and good story. And well done on using all the props.
February 23rd, 2020  
I like your three different lights great idea and capture.
February 23rd, 2020  
VML shots where 'we' find a solution just as midnight approaches. The angst is palpable, the relief is overwhelming...yet we hang on in there...and keep doing more of the same! Will we ever learn?
February 23rd, 2020  
I do indeed have the red oil lamp. Mum left it to me in her will; she told me a year or so before she died that she knew the shade wasn’t original. I was surprised, but on reflection maybe I should not have been as she always knew more than she let on.

I had a party when they were away and the original got broken. Lots of calls to numbers out of yellow pages and a trip to Norwich to get a replacement occured the next day. Thought I’d got away with it for years, apparently not.
February 23rd, 2020  
Aladdin for me please!
February 23rd, 2020  
I too have an old oil lamp, though no where as nice as yours. This just sings on black. Well done, very well done!
February 24th, 2020  
February 24th, 2020  
wonderful props and a great setup. love the story, Phil's side too ;-)
February 24th, 2020  
lovely ...
February 24th, 2020  
Lovely shot.
February 24th, 2020  
@mittens many thanks
@pdulis thanks Peter
@ludwigsdiana thatwas new to me
@mzzhope glad it's over
@joysabin I put fairy lights in it- safer than parraffin
@will_wooderson how many wishes??
@phil_sandford who told on you???
@s4sayer probably not!!
@wendyfrost thank you
@randystreat not an exercose I'll do again!!
@jacqbb thank you
@wakelys possibly
@koalagardens thanks
@365anne It is one of my favourite lamps
February 24th, 2020  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond Nobody. Only I from the family was in the house when it broke. The shade was ever so slightly not the right colour. Mum spotted it (and obviously never told Dad)
February 24th, 2020  
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