Driven to drink  by boxplayer

Driven to drink

By work. The lovely birthday gin Fran got me. And I'm on call. As I was yesterday when I got a call just before 10pm saying one of the important customer helplines was down and that the number on the webpage would need changing if it wasn't fixed overnight. So I had to call GDS out of hours to warn them.

Was up early to check in to see if we'd need to change the number. It was still down so gave the go ahead to GDS to make the change. There followed an hour of stress as it took ages to complete due to technical issues. Was late into the office as a result.

Not too eventful at work - Alex still looking after Ukraine - just focused on clearing emails and getting the form in to HR for our new starter. Will be with us from mid-June and the other new woman has been cleared to start also.

Tried to get an update on the broken phone line but heard nothing until I was en route to the station. They wanted the numbers switched back. So had to log in again at home and contact GDS again. Needed that large gin.

Finland after more than a century of keeping their heads down and not rocking the boat are going to apply to join Nato - Russia muttering threats of retribution. Well what the feck did Putin expect? The warmongering continues.

3 good things
1. A random supper of baked potato, tofu wiener and herring.
2. Derry Girls carries on being excellent.
3. After much wandering around department stores trying out sofas, my mum's ordered herself a new one - it's a nice one that comes delivered in a box and apparently takes 10 mins to put together with no tools.

12 May 2022
Walthamstow E17
Gin is definitely the answer.
May 12th, 2022  
Medicinal purposes, gin is a real help!
I don’t know exactly what you do, but it seems very stressful at times ! I hope the gin hit the spot!
May 12th, 2022  
That gin is very pretty.

Your number 3 gave me a laugh
May 13th, 2022  
@kjarn I know, I won't believe it till I see it, but it does seem to be the case. They seem to be a pioneer of sofas in boxes
May 13th, 2022  
I checked out the website, there are certainly a lot of nice sofas on there and yes they do seem say to put together. Good luck
May 13th, 2022  
The gin bottle is so pretty! I like the candle in the background, and that glass is wonderful!
May 13th, 2022  
Looks like it is party time :-)
May 13th, 2022  
Hope it helped
May 13th, 2022  
A lovely relaxing and refreshing still life. Prayers for our world as greed and inflicting pain are headline news. Peace is a precious thing.
May 13th, 2022  
@calm I know, I'm astonished (not sure why I'm astonished?) at what people are capable of.. All I know is that violence breeds more violence...
May 13th, 2022  
@boxplayer Agree!
May 13th, 2022  
The gin with the berries looks lovely. I can see a face in the glass!
May 13th, 2022  
Wonderful shot...
May 13th, 2022  
May 13th, 2022  
Beautiful composition
May 14th, 2022  
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