19th February 2021 by emmadurnford

19th February 2021

Day 336 since the start of the 1st lock down.

Today was a successful selling day. After the long time I spent photographing and putting adverts on Gumtree, Nextdoor and FaceBook a couple of days ago, Chris’s snowboarding boots and two of his glass DVD shelves both sold today. The boots to a man living down in Sussex and the shelving units to a friend of mine who I may be collaborating with a Richmond montage later in the year. She rather unusually wants to use them to put seedlings in… random!

In the afternoon we visited the Park Lane Stables. I wanted to see them now that they have been successful in raising the amazing sum on newly 1.3 million pounds (or nearly £1.5 million including gift aid). We hd also arranged collect a limited edition art print of one of the horses which Colin is giving Karen for her birthday present.

Everyone was so happy at the stables but it was difficult to get a good horse photo as they had just been fed and were more interested in having their nosed in their food buckets! This is 'Prodny', a 40 year old retired race horse... enjoying his feed.

I had a long chat with a friend for the Teddington Society later in the afternoon. I also photographed her family about this time last year just before lock down. She is trying to drag the Society kicking and screaming into the 21st century and was brainstorming various ideas with me and I have taken on the task of looking into creating an Instagram account for the society and possibly running it for the first few months although I can see this continuing long term if I am honest. I think this will actually be a good opportunity to understand the app a lot more and it could benefit my account which I have only posted 20 or so images to!
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