28th September 2021 by emmadurnford

28th September 2021

1 year, 184 days since the start of the 1st lock down in March 2020

I managed to get up at a reasonable time today and we both did the usual 8.30am redial to the doctors switchboard. Colin beat me and got through first. Surprisingly I was offered a face to face appointment with Dr Grundy at 10.10am. It was really nice to see a Doctor properly and he thoroughly checked me out. He thinks I have a mild case of Labyrinthitis and has prescribed a steroid nasal spray and saline spray. If it does not get better within 3-4 weeks he will refer me to the ENT clinic. I hope this does the trick as I don’t feel 100%.

The rest of the day I took my return day-2 PCR test, finished the washing and exchanged emails about the Richmond montage. These are shots of Colin’s I shrunk in the washing machine… or Gulliver’s!!

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