Blue Spruce Park by janetb

Blue Spruce Park

Mike and I visited Blue Spruce Park again where wild birds sometimes eat from visitors' hands, and lucky us! Today, we fed Black-capped Chickadees and a White-breasted Nuthatch; and I find it hard to describe the thrill of feeling a wild bird's tiny feet clamp onto my outstretched hand as it chooses the perfect peanut from the little pile I hold. I savor my moment to look into its wild yet trusting eyes before it zips off to a nearby branch to enjoy its meal.

The moment we arrived, Mike discovered two courting Eastern Towhees — "Drink your Teeeeea!" We went on to find quite a few species: Northern Cardinal, Chipping Sparrow, Tufted Titmouse, Brown Thrasher, Mallard, Golden-crowned Kinglet, Canada Goose, Downy Woodpecker, Tree Swallow, Red-Winged Blackbird, American Goldfinch, Eastern Bluebird, Carolina Wren, Blue Jay, and American Robin — what a wonderful day!

In the midst of all the birdwatching, we found spring ephemerals, too: Blue Violet, Yellow Violet, Spring Beauty, Limestone Bittercress, Rue Anemone, Woodland Phlox, Purple Dead Nettle, Skunk Cabbage, Coltsfoot, Common Dandelion, and our first ever Trout Lily!

I praise you, Lord, for the beautiful spring day spent enjoying your amazing creations.
Is that the trout lily? What a find. And what a wonderful day you describe.
April 26th, 2020  
Sounds like a great day! We went walking in the woods, too, but didn't see nearly as much wildlife. Did see a lot of trout lilies, though. Also saw a flower/plant similar to bloodroot. I'll have to post a picture so you can id it for me! :)
April 27th, 2020  
What a wonderful day you both had - such wonderful birds and beautiful wildflowers. It makes you feel younger, lighter, happier!
April 27th, 2020  
Erythronium americanum :-)
Lovely image.
April 27th, 2020  
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