Somewhere over western North America by jyokota

Somewhere over western North America

Perhaps somewhere in Canada? After a five + hour delay in Chicago, we finally took off for Shanghai. Smooth flight, inedible food, dumb movies. But I did get this fun photo of the sunset with the wing seeming to point right at it. I left in the edge of the window to show that the plane was tipped, not the horizon.

Arrived in Shanghai and missed my backup connection so I went to the counter:
Me: I'd like to check in for the 10pm flight.
Dragon Air: You cannot check in twice.
Me: I missed the 8:30 flight because my flight from the USA was delayed.
Dragon Air: But you have already gone.
Me: Clearly, I have not.
Dragon Air: Your ticket is already used.
Me: I'm still here.
(Repeat similar lines for over an hour!)

looooooooong and frustrating story so I'll skip the boring details.

They told me to come back in the morning.

Alternate image with clouds reflected on wing:
Glorious picture but such a shame that you missed your connection.
November 30th, 2013  
Wow what a fabulous shot!! What a shmae about the delay. Hope you get it sorted in the morning!!
November 30th, 2013  
Another great shot, like the pov. Look forward to shanghai shots.
November 30th, 2013  
Love this!! But the other one is REALLY spectacular! Can't wait to see more photos from this trip. Have fun (once the travel woes end).
November 30th, 2013  
Oh dear!! Wonderful shot (what about Canada isn't!! lol). Sorry to hear of your woes.
My daughter is in Cusco...supposed to leave on a flight today...cancelled, for no apparent reason that she has been told...everything delayed and now she will arrive in a snow-storm (if nothing else gets cancelled).
December 1st, 2013  
Nice sunset.
December 1st, 2013  
Awesome capture
December 1st, 2013  
Oh, I saw this one trending today I think and did not have time to check whose shot it was. Just loooooove it.
December 1st, 2013  
When they told you to come back tomorrow, you should have said Bartleby's line: "I would prefer not to." So sorry. It's maddening stating the obvious ... especially over and over.
December 1st, 2013  
"But you have already gone"...classic! Great shot!
December 1st, 2013  
Great shot - but it sounds like a very frustrating journey.
December 2nd, 2013  
Pretty cool shot! Time spent well without having to watch too much of the stupid movies. I am sorry to hear about your trouble...sounds like a real pain.
December 4th, 2013  
Great shot, love the story, whilst I'm sure not funny at the time it makes a great commentary after the event!
December 5th, 2013  
What an incredibly frustrating conversation! The shot is lovely, though. I'm sure you we're calm and level-headed throughout the whole hour :)
December 9th, 2013  
Fav for me too!
December 9th, 2013  
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