“Supper With the Crippens” by louannwarren

“Supper With the Crippens”

At my book club this week we reviewed this True Crime novel by David James Smith. Hawley Harvey Crippen was a homeopathic remedies (snake oil) salesman who killed his wife while she was pregnant. She and the baby she was carrying died under “mysterious circumstances”. He then took his 7 year old son to his parents in California and never saw him again (thank goodness). He fell in love with 17 year old Belle Elmore (her “stage” name, married her and moved to England to sell his products. He ultimately killed Belle and buried some of her body parts in his coal cellar, so he could then marry his 18 year old assistant Ethel LeNeve. Belle’s associates demanded Scotland Yard investigate Belle’s disappearance, and Crippen and Ethel (she was dressed as a boy) fled on the ship SS Montrose to Canada. The photos on Scotland Yard’s APB caused the ship’s captain to recognize the two, he radioed Scotland Yard and when they arrived in Canada Scotland Yard officers were there to arrest them. Back to England they went where Crippen and Ethel were tried for Belle’s murder. Crippen was hanged in Pentonville Prison in London on November 23, 1910. Ethel was found not guilty. If you like murder mysteries you will like this book. Hawley Harvey Crippen was a monster.
***Yes, this is a true story!
Sounds like an interesting book club dinner and great collage!
February 16th, 2024  
A fabulous collage and lovely ladies at your book club. My that sure is a crazy story which I am sure would make a great movie too;-
February 16th, 2024  
It’s a true story?! I bet it made great reading. I love the photo of your book club, ladies! It looks like a really elegant affair.
February 16th, 2024  
Wonderful collage
February 16th, 2024  
It sounds a bit gruesome for me, can't believe it's a true story. Your book group ladies look very happy, what an elegant affair.
February 16th, 2024  
What a lovely collage of the glamorous ladies. Your book club sounds so interesting.
February 16th, 2024  
Sounds an interesting story!
February 16th, 2024  
Looks like it was quite the affair at your bookclub meeting
February 16th, 2024  
Well captured images beautifully presented Lou Ann, Chippen is a very well known story in the UK, thank you for your interest narrative:)
February 16th, 2024  
What a great collage!
February 16th, 2024  
Great collage and story
February 17th, 2024  
Great collage and the pictures are all beautifu. Very dramatic book which would keep those who like to read about crime scenes awake all night .
February 17th, 2024  
Wonderful collage and what a delightful book club you have! I love murder mystery’s.
February 18th, 2024  
Sounds very intriguing. Great collage
February 19th, 2024  
Lovely collage and narrative!
February 20th, 2024  
A lovely collage for a gruesome crime. Looks like you have fun at book club.
February 21st, 2024  
Love the collage of lovely ladies..
Must look at this book........
February 29th, 2024  
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