Day to Night  by nickspicsnz

Day to Night

This was a fun assignment once I started to get the hang of it. My initial attempts were a bit dodgy in places. There were a couple even earlier than the Te Kauwhata one but, as I can't find them, they must have been so bad I didn't bother saving them. In the one of the offices on the top left I created a brush to make the stars for that one, rather than putting a star shot into a composite. They're all my own photos but I did download a set of free lens flare brushes from Brusheezy to use for the streetlights & bike light. Not unsurprisingly this looks better on black.
What a great idea. Iā€™m tempted. Does it take a lot of time and effort - I suspect it does.
October 3rd, 2020  
NO idea how you do that....fantastic!
October 4th, 2020  
I am going to have to learn how to do that. Awesome work! Fav.
October 4th, 2020  
Cool captures and edits.
October 4th, 2020  
great job! I've never tried that
October 4th, 2020  
@gaf005 @dutchothotmailcom @flygirl @rickster549 @jernst1779 Thanks everyone. It takes quite a bit of trial and error with the lights, but the initial changing the day to night is quite simple. It's just a Colour Lookup adjustment layer in Photoshop. Click on the arrow next to 3DLUT file and there are Moonlight or DaytoNight options in the drop down menu. (This would have sounded like gobbledeegook to me a year ago before I started learning PS!) The lights are created using adjustment layers, masking, inner glow, etc. I combined techniques from a few tutorials but the main one I used was this one: It was fun to learn but I think it's easier just to take a night photo, lol!

For our next assignment we have to do a day to night composite with a load of different elements and tell a story - arghhh!
October 4th, 2020  
What can't Photoshop do? I am very intrigued by this, cool edits.
October 5th, 2020  
Very impressive! In a way, it's kind of scary what we can do with apps like PhotoShop in changing reality. What are we to believe anymore?
March 10th, 2022  
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