Ilford Delta 100 35mm Film : Willow Reading by phil_howcroft

Ilford Delta 100 35mm Film : Willow Reading

Followers will know I am shooting 35mm black and white film with my vintage cameras and lenses.

This is Willow, our Granddaughter, reading one of her many books. When I say reading I mean she likes to stroke the little "tags" in the book, which correspond to the colours of the animals in the book. tiger, elephant, etc.

Shot wide open with a nifty fifty on my Olympus OM20

Film : Ilford Delta 100 35mm
Camera : Olympus OM20 (my camera from the early 80s)
Lens : Olympus Zuiko 50mm f1.8
Location : Arnold, Nottingham
Negatives: developed by camera club friend Eddie
Negatives photographed on a lightpad, with a Sony A6000 and Industar N61 vintage lens.
Images converted from negative to positive in GIMP photo editor.

I know the photo doesn't have the fine detail of a full frame or APSC sensor of a digital camera, but it does have such an fabulous timeless, look and feel.
This is so adorable! I'll bet you love spending time with her. =)
July 15th, 2021  
@marlboromaam thanks maggie, we do indeed enjoy spending time with Willow
July 15th, 2021  
The lighting on this is nice and your granddaughter's cute. You mentioned your friend developed it, but I'm curious about their development process.
July 15th, 2021  
@kwanruoshan Roz, I will ask Eddie what he used, he is very knowledgeable about these thing as he is 80+ years old with lots of knowledge and experience

The light is natural , from our front window
July 15th, 2021  
She’s growing up Phil! Gorgeous!
July 15th, 2021  
Love the concentration on her face.
July 15th, 2021  
@busylady thanks judith , yes the concentration is great.

@judithg thanks Judith, yes she is , she's just had a couple of days away at Scarborough , the WhatsApp photos look fabulous , big beaches and blue skys
July 15th, 2021  
Works well in monochrome
July 15th, 2021  
that is how true reading begins. Keep her at it. Great shot Phil.
July 15th, 2021  
Oh, that film texture! This is beautiful. I love the light on her little face.
July 15th, 2021  
July 16th, 2021  
Willow is an adorable girl - she must be around 9 months now. I like how her attention is focused on the book. Well done with the vintage camera and lens.
July 16th, 2021  
Willlow sounds well on her way to reading!
July 16th, 2021  
Reading already….that’s the thing Willow…..clever girl. Lovely shot Phil…..Willow will never be short of photos when she’s a big girl!
July 16th, 2021  
What a poppet, but grandad I think you under estimate Willow I am sure she is actually reading!
July 16th, 2021  
Lovely shot phill, it does have that timeless feel to it.
July 17th, 2021  
@gamelee thanks Lee , very kind of you

@denful lol granny thank you so much

@happypat thanks pat willow already has a great portfolio of photos 📷🙂💕

@quietpurplehaze haze she loves her books 🙂📷📖📚
July 18th, 2021  
@pdulis thank you so much Peter

@cdonohoue thanks Cathy kind of you to comment

@ljmanning the texture is something else Laura although there does appear to be a vertical line in the middle of the frame , so maybe a minor issue in development.
July 18th, 2021  
@bkbinthecity thank you so much for those kind words

@sangwann Dione your support and visits are most welcome . Thank you so much my friend
July 18th, 2021  
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