Boat + oars by rhoing

Boat + oars

Some asked about the boat that goes with the new oars that arrived at our front door recently
My one or two prior posts of our rowing shell and/or Roland's matching shell showed only the shells. I went out on the lake today and snapped a couple with the oars still in the oarlocks. The shell is 21 feet long; the oars are still as delivered, so they are 284 cm long. It was a bit windier than indicated, but it was still a good, afternoon row.

One year ago? Roland & I flew to Burlington, VT on our way to sculling camp (“Please return your seat backs and tray tables…”):
It sure does look like you would fall in easily. I know it isn't as tippy as it you get wet tho?
September 25th, 2012  
@vickisfotos Oh, it's tippy! I haven't flipped in it yet, but there's a reason the $1,000 camera doesn't go in this boat with me! I will take the T2i in the other shell (; designed as an ocean shell, it's *much* more stable. Get wet? Only if it rains. :)
September 25th, 2012  
I thought water might get in where you were sitting
September 25th, 2012  
That looks like quite the sleek and smooth craft.
September 25th, 2012  
that looks like it would slice through the water nicely and quietly...I am jealous!
September 25th, 2012  
@vickisfotos If one's "form" is poor and the oars splash as they go back in the water, then you can splash yourself and get water in the cockpit or splash box, but otherwise, it's generally a safely-dry part of the shell. :)
September 25th, 2012  
Great composition and clean lines here.
September 28th, 2012  
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