It’s been a wet summer… by rhoing

It’s been a wet summer…

Finding out what kind of fungus this is.
Under a shrub in our back yard.
Not a "toadstool," but rather grows in "leaves."

Not many frames today. Grace likes to mow the yard when she's home, so I was in the garage and I've taken apart the crib the girls used as babies. Those old cribs are now "illegal," so I'll poach-and-repurpose what I can from them and put the rest out with the trash (component-by-component).

Although this is a fungus, rather than a plant, my plant systematics expert is also an expert on fungi as well. He says this may be “Omphalotus illudens” (the “jack-o'lantern mushroom”), although it's difficult to tell because it's past its prime and the stems aren't visible.

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[ IMG_2852S12x9B20tm :: f/3.5 :: 1/125" :: ISO-800 :: 55mm ]
I wonder if they are edible - the most weird fungi can be edible! I can't imagine why a crib would be illegal!
September 23rd, 2016  
@maggiemae Since I'm not a grandfather yet, I haven't been in the crib market for 30+ years, but I think the drop-down sides are now deemed dangerous, and there is a consumer-protection requirement on the spacing between the slats of the sides. I *think*.
September 24th, 2016  
Cool looking fungus.
September 24th, 2016  
I like the little slug on top. Just there minding his own business whilst you take a photo. " Don't mind me, I 'm just slugging around."
September 24th, 2016  
@emma78 Yeah, he was the bonus for the shot. Didn't see him when I shot it! Thanks for stopping by!
September 24th, 2016  
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