Rowing gear [filler #21] by rhoing

Rowing gear [filler #21]

Gift from a really-good friend for my 60th birthday and rowing 20 million meters on indoor rowers. (20,000km obviously, or 12,427.4 miles, so about half the Earth's circumference, yeah?)

This tech is amazing! Not only does it *not* have to be integrated (and calibrated) with an impeller attached to the hull, but the software generates two file formats from each row or session. One is a CSV spreadsheet format and the other is a GPS-based format so that — with additional software or a web site like — you can see your route on a map! This is probably nothing new to runners or cyclists, but it's new to me as a sculler.

The image shows the last 431 meters of this particular row (from 3,800m to 4,231m). For each hundred meters, TIME is time on a clock, /500M shows speed on a per-500m basis and SPM is strokes-per-minute.

Thank you again, Roland!! This is going to help me get more out of my on-water workouts!!

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Note. Five years ago today, Roland & I were stranded in Burlington, VT after attending a sculling camp at Craftsbury over the weekend. (I think the problem was with the connecting flights in — surprise of all surprises — Newark.)

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Goodness - this must be well made with a dinky wee computer to operate in watery conditions!
June 13th, 2018  
@maggiemae GPS would track path, distance, and speed. Not sure how it senses strokes. Some sort of gyroscope? Will have to investigate!
June 13th, 2018  
@maggiemae It seems the device has an accelerometer, which would recognize when the boat starts accelerating at the beginning of a stroke. :-)
June 13th, 2018  
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