Eliminating the guesswork … next time [Filler] by rhoing

Eliminating the guesswork … next time [Filler]

I replaced one of the switches in a bathroom. Which breaker to turn off? Yeah, the electrician's labels on the breaker box are not all terribly obvious or helpful. Guessing wrong a time or two required resetting a clock. But on the back of the cover, I've labelled the breaker numbers for next time.

I cannot take credit for thinking of this. I saw this hint online recently in one of my searches.

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What a great idea. We had our panel replaced a few years ago and I thought the electrician did a good job with labeling, but frankly things are convoluted after all these years. We had the sprinkler timer replaced and spent too much time figuring out the breaker. Then, he left off too many breakers while he did his work, causing an inconvenience for me (no internet!).
August 13th, 2020  
Glad you can do the work! You're blessed! I still have two outside outlets that aren't working and it isn't the breaker.
August 13th, 2020  
@danette Our house's electrician swapped how we use "family" and "living" rooms! And which breaker is for a switch that's "between rooms"? I didn't go overboard and go through the house and take off every plate & label it. That will be an "as you go" task over time.
August 14th, 2020  
@marlboromaam I'll replace outlets, switches, and fixtures, but I won't run new line, though I'm tempted to put an outlet & extra light fixture in the attic, where I won't have to deal with drywall. :)
August 14th, 2020  
August 14th, 2020  
Great idea! I'll have to remember that one.
August 14th, 2020  
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