Hood ornament  by rhoing

Hood ornament

I had to research this, as I could not find a make or model on the car except for “Super,” but I discovered that this is a Buick Super, probably from the 1950s. (On a subsequent walk along the same path, I found one “badge” indicating that it’s a Buick.) The Wikipedia page describes this as a “gunsight mascot hood ornament.”

From Wikipedia: “The Buick Super is a full-sized automobile produced by Buick from 1940 through the 1958 model years, with a brief hiatus from 1943 through 1945. The first generation shared the longer wheelbase with the top level Roadmaster while offering the smaller displacement engine from the Buick Special. The Super prioritized passenger comfort over engine performance and was replaced by the Invicta in 1963. For several years, it was called the ‘Buick Eight’ or ‘Super Eight’ due to the engravement on the grille while all Buick's [sic] since 1931 were all installed with the Buick Straight-8 engine with varying engine displacement.

Photo taken in front of the auto shop that I followed with a pole barn series of 365 posts.

Four preceding days: no post. Not going to bother you (and me) with fillers.

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Wonderful find and capture! Love the old hood ornaments from classic cars.
March 10th, 2023  
March 10th, 2023  
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