new york? well.... by summerfield

new york? well....

as you know, toronto is often a "stand in" for new york city in films. there was one time i hailed a taxi and it had a new york license plate. i thought i was time travelling again and that the medication was failing. hahaha! and as summer is almost upon us, i'm pretty sure that hollywood will be migrating here again and cause us more traffic jam with those stupid road closures. but if it's good for the economy, that's fine. once upon a time, on a lark with my classmates at hospitality school, we passed by a major hollywood filming and they were calling for 'extras'. three of us got in and were paid $150 but we had to wait in the sidelines for our parts. after 6 hours of waiting (very productively as we were able to do our assignments) we were told we were not needed and to come back the next day. $150 a day wasn't bad, we thought we made more than the girls at the end of the lane trying to turn tricks with the crew.

for the current artist challenge. this is a crude emulation of harry callahan's "new york 1969" photo. see:
excellent shot and POV
April 27th, 2017  
That looks exactly like his!!! Didn't know all those fact about Toronto AND you're a film star too!?!
April 27th, 2017  
I did not know that Toronto was a stand-in for NYC in the movies. I also didn't know I should have been asking for your autograph a long time ago! What I do know is that this is a perfect reproduction for the artist challenge. Very well done my dear
April 27th, 2017  
Very Callahanesque and however a beautiful geometric shot!
April 28th, 2017  
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