22nd April 2021 by emmadurnford

22nd April 2021

1 year, 28 days since the start of the 1st lock down in March 2020.

After attempting to book Colin a Doctors appointment using our usual 8.30am joint phoning session, we discovered that Dr Grundy does not actually work on Thursdays! That was a good delaying tactic but we had to get on down and go to Bushy Park for the first run of the week. I decided to skip both the C25K and my interval training and simply jog around stopping whenI needed to (whilst still walking). I did this and my time was only a minute slower that when I really push myself so I am going to carry on this way for a while to improve my speed and avoid feeling really bad.

Once home, showered and recovered, I finally received a call from the Doctor that I had scheduled over three weeks ago. I needed to discuss the unusual blood test results I had paid to have a month ago. I had hoped to arrange another set of tests first but after the phone call I am indeed having another set of tests next Friday and then yet another phone conversation!

I have boxed up my finds in old Chinese take-away containers lined with fabric and with clear labels. It is really exciting to think I will be adding to them and Colin is also very enthusiastic so once the tides are right, I hope we will be up town again in the Greenwich direction this time based on extensive research.

Brief time looking for some research we did last September into a trip to Puglia in Italy but for some reason despite us both having done some research and borrowing books from the library, we cannot find any of the original research so I’ve ordered some books.

Photo club in the evening but not that good this time. Not only was the quality of the images poor due to non-compatibility of software, I did not think that much of the actual quality of the images and I felt the photographer was looking at the people of Papua New Guinea rather like visiting a zoo which I do not like at all.
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