24th May 2021 by emmadurnford

24th May 2021

1 year, 59 days since the start of the 1st lock down in March 2020

The morning started a similar way to yesterday with heavy rain but the clouds started to clear in late morning. This gave me time to try and sort out a problem Mum has had with printing photos from her phone. In the end I had to use her elderly lap top which despite her aversion to it actually works very well. I also managed to get the photos to print how she wanted them too but it involved two pages of instructions detailing literally every step. Despite me forcing her to follow my instructions later inhale day I am not totally confident she is going to try it again!

In the afternoon we geared up fora walk in the now glowing sunshine all the way to Mousehole. I normally like to go over Christmas and see the lights bobbing in the harbour but clearly did not get a chance last year and even if we had been in Cornwall the lights were not lit last year to deter unofficial visitors to the harbour during the Covid restrictions.

It was a lovely walk made all the better for the second ice cream of our trip - a slated caramel and honeycomb one eaten overlooking the little harbour. We could have caught the bus back but we did well and decided to walk back which was not good for Mum’s bad for but did mean we caught sight of this seal ‘bottling’ in the nay. I had thought it could be dead but apparently the is what they do when they are sleeping and when they start to sink, an auto response kicks in and they start finning with their tail and are brought back to the surface - fascinating.

By the time we returned we had managed almost 14,000 footsteps although it did fell like more.
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