3rd February 2023 by emmadurnford

3rd February 2023

Today we were up town again but this time for the return of the Destinations Travel show at Olympia after three years due to the Pandemic. We were a bit worried as there was a rail strike today but we needn’t have worried as we had no problems getting a train to Richmond, tube and and another train and then two trains on the way home.

I was looking forward to the show and although it was good, it was nowhere near as good as previous years with number of obvious absences and a lack of stalls featuring specific countries rather than travel companies. However one highlight was that Simon Calder - the man who always pays his way - was a speaker on the stage. We waited for the previous speaker to leave but unfortunately they did not clear the auditorium so although Colin managed to get a seat (rather crushed) I had to stand for nearly an hour which was a bit of a killer on my knees!

It was great seeing Simon in person rather than on a screen and he kept us going during lockdown with his daily live broadcasts at 12.00 on FaceBook. I was going to ask a question and thank him for his broadcasts but he answered my question just before I asked it! I managed to get the microphone anyway an d amazingly he remembered me and even better, the fact he had met Mum outside the Penzance Lido. Here’s a shot featuring my double chin’s’ (I blame the photographer!) and Simon. Despite the lack of stalls, we still picked up quite a few brochures and leaflets to peruse when we get home.
Wow The Simon Calder!
February 5th, 2023  
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