The start of Christmas.

The reason we went to Southport was to see our friend Daniel in concert.
Our group has known him for well over 20 years & I know he considers us good friends & not fans. I have picked him up from airports, sat with him over dinner, make him biscuits & generally I know he is always pleased to spend time with us.
The most generous person I know with his time for anyone, quietly visiting friends in hospital & ringing anyone to congratulate or commiserate, it's a pleasure to know him.

Three good things:
1. Times with friends having fun.
2. It didn't snow & ruin our plans!
3. A stroll round Southport this morning.
Our lovely of the most sincere people i know..
posted December 10th, 2017  
Good to hear about someone who does so much for others.
posted December 10th, 2017  
@brennieb Dead right Brenda & you would near guess he is an international super star!
posted December 10th, 2017  
What a nice shot and a lovely story.
posted December 11th, 2017  
How lovely to knòw the real person and not just the celebrity. He's certainly into Christmas colours. 😁
posted December 11th, 2017  
What a special time. Great to know him as a friend.
posted December 11th, 2017  
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