Last row till *lots* of rain… by rhoing

Last row till *lots* of rain…

Terrible photo, but I had to take it while sitting in the rowing shell. Those underwater metal plates are not very underwater anymore, so the rowing shell's thin hull scrapes on them, particularly when I put my body weight in the seat. So no more dock launches until the lake fills up considerably.

Wet launch off the ramp? Sure, I could do that, and that's how I came in today. But when I got out of the shell, I slid on the algae-covered concrete and was sliding away with the boat on the lakeside. Only way I could avoid going all the way in the water was to throw myself over the shell and get back in the boat (quite inelegantly) and row to the ramp again. On the second attempt, I stepped out onto rocks off to the side of the ramp. Those are algae-covered, too, and I have slipped using that strategy before. So this is a no-row lake until there's a lot of rain.

On the plus-side, today was 13,140m; a bit farther than yesterday (2:43.5 out; 2:53.4 back, into the wind).

[ IMG_20190918_114326389_BURST001S9x6tm :: cell phone ]
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