More to learn! by rhoing

More to learn!

Stained glass piece made by Clare's mom and dad. Dad passed away nearly 16 years ago and this piece was in Mom's basement when she moved back to her girlhood home several years ago. It's been in our house since then. We would hang it in one of our windows, but all of our windows have grilles between the double-panes.

We asked the girls if either of them wanted it, so it's out ready to take east next month. It's never been hung, as evidenced by the absence of any hanging hardware on the frame. So I am learning about brass hangers, solder and will have to get a length of chain to hang this heavy piece.

» Didn't quite know how to compose this photo or crop the image, but this is what I came up with.

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It's lovely! Don't forget to get a shot when you're finished with it - before it goes east.
January 19th, 2021  
Very cool piece!
January 20th, 2021  
So glad it has a potential forever home
January 20th, 2021  
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