Too many years in the attic :-( by rhoing

Too many years in the attic :-(

We had a “Christmas wooden train” we would get out every year. So we bought a couple more to pass down to the kids.

Now that the kids each have homes with storage and we’re trying to “reduce,” we got the trains out of the attic to take with us this month. Alas, the temperature swings in the attic have taken their toll.
» I should take a thermometer up there in the summer some time…

If if were just a matter of gluing pieces together again, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it, but the paint is flaking off and that’s a problem we don’t want to pass along to the kids (and grandkids).

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Too bad. Small children would enjoy playing with the train at Christmas time.
March 15th, 2023  
Terrific focusing and dof
March 15th, 2023  
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