we are family... by summerfield

we are family...

found this 'family' this morning on our drive around the city after breakfast. some houses haven't removed their hallowe'en decors from their front yard. this was a real eye catcher especially that the sun was shining gorgeously on it. had a lot of crap around so i had to crop.

packing is slowly finishing up, as i just realized i really need to bring two suitcases with me for the trip. i'm bringing my runners, my dancing shoes (my friend would kill me if i don't!) and other stuff that i know i would need and not be able to find where i'm going. so that would be a good $70 for the second luggage from san francisco. meanwhile i am flying out of buffalo to san francisco and the baggage fee is $60 for the two. hopefully there is wi-fi at the hotel where i am staying tuesday night so i can still post, but maybe to be safe i will post my tuesday entry on tuesday morning before i leave for work.

getting down to the wire, folks. i would like to let you know in advance that i will try to post and not be tardy, but i'm guessing, thursday night and friday night would be difficult as i would be airborne at the time and would surely lose one day.
Nice capture and cropping. I did not take any photos of the decorations as there was usually too much other stuff to distract from it. Great job. The airlines all charge now for the baggage and that sucks..
November 6th, 2011  
what an adoreable little family!! I just love how the sun is hitting them.
November 6th, 2011  
@pamfromcalgary - really sucks, pam. in fact, i was looking at my e-ticket and i am left wondering what the difference is between 'energy surcharge' and 'fuel surcharge'. aargh! thanks for the comment, pam.

@roth - so i like it that you're back. our little family is complete for a few days until i leave. haha! thanks for the comment, sue.
November 7th, 2011  
great find! so bright and colourful!
gonna miss you ;-(
November 7th, 2011  
@danig - thanks, DG. don't miss me yet. miss me starting on wednesday night. :-)
November 7th, 2011  
nice halloween capture! glad you've got a handle on the packing!
November 7th, 2011  
wonderful, fun capture. so bright, colorful and sunny. great crop, too. will miss you if you can't post but these things happen and you will catch up and then seeing you will be all that much sweeter! be careful out there! wish i drove so i could meet you in buffalo. . .we could have some fun.
November 7th, 2011  
@sunnygreenwood - thank you, anne. i suppose i should go home and put locks on them luggage so i don't think anymore of what i can throw in it.

@catsmeowb - aw, that is so sweet, camille. and fun we would have if ever. one day, it will happen.
November 7th, 2011  
Fun pic and so well captured. perfect for the season!
November 7th, 2011  
very colorful family!!! Good luck with your travels -- hope to hear from you whenever you can! I was out of town the past 4 days -- back but have to leave again for my aunt's funeral -- so I'm trying to play catchup....! Take care and be careful and safe travels my dear friend!
November 8th, 2011  
I found part of your family here in Calgary!
November 8th, 2011  
@pamfromcalgary - indeed! i checked her out. it's their cousin petula! thank you, pam. :-)
November 8th, 2011  
@michaelelliott - thanks, ME. much appreciated.

@cscecil - sorry to hear about your aunt. my condolences, CS. the two of us will be playing catch up with our project as i am set to travel tomorrow night. take care and thanks for dropping by even though you're busy. i appreciated that a lot.
November 8th, 2011  
Cute little family- great catch!!
November 12th, 2011  
awww! how cute!
November 15th, 2011  
Nice find
November 26th, 2011  
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